Frequently Asked Questions

2001-2004 Corvette ABS modules were manufactured poorly from the factory and thus you see many of them failing within the first 20k miles or less. We have identified these flaws, corrected them, and built them up so that they will stand the test of time. Our patented internal process makes these modules virtually bulletproof. We are also the only vendor that stands by our products with a LIFETIME warranty!

Our modules are authentic GM/AC Delco parts that have been upgraded and rebuilt internally, to correct faulty manufacturing from the factory that leads to premature failure. The internal software/logic has not been changed or modified in any way, so the module will perform exactly the same as a new, factory module. They are also indistinguishable in external appearance from a stock module, so your engine bay will retain it's original stock appearance.

NO! Our units are 100% plug and play. In fact, even attempting to program them could cause internal damage so we strongly caution against doing so. All you need to do is remove your old module, install our rebuilt unit, and you are good to go. No programming or coding!

From 2001-2004, GM used several different part numbers for the Corvette ABS module. However, the parts themselves are identical, and we guarantee this. Our modules are 100% compatible with ANY 2001-2004 Corvette, even if the part number does not match up with your old module. Here is a full list of part numbers that interchange with our modules: 10343433, 12216561, 10315150 , 12208997 , 9390570 , 12204890 , 10323578. If your part number matches any of these, our module WILL FIT your vehicle.

We process and ship orders as fast as possible. However, due to extremely high demand and a shortage of parts, we often run out of stock and there could be a delay in fulfilling your order. We try to keep the product page updated with current shipping times but we also urge you to call us at 800-881-1317 for the most up to date shipping estimate.

All of our products are backed by a lifetime warranty. ALL of our modules are fully tested before shipping, including a road test on an actual Corvette. Thus, it's extremely rare that you would receive a defective unit, however in those cases we will certainly replace your module immediately. We don't accept returns for a refund, only exchanges. 

The core return is very simple and easy. You simply order the module from us, and once you receive it, you will find a return shipping label in the box. After you have your new module installed, simply box up your old module using the same box, attach the return shipping label, and ship it to us. Once we receive your core, you receive your lifetime warranty. If you core is rebuild-able, you'll also receive a $200 core refund back to your original payment method! 

More than likely, yes, but there are also a number of other things that could cause your problem that are unrelated to the ABS module. While the module is by far the most common failure in the ABS system, we recommend that you verify the module is defective before ordering. We also offer FREE tech support at 800-881-1317. If you contact us we will do our best to help you diagnose the problem with your vehicle.

YES! We have sold countless modules to dealerships across the country and worldwide, as well as independent repair shops. Please contact us directly to receive tax exempt pricing, and we also offer repeat client pricing!

All of our parts come with a lifetime warranty. However, for ABS modules, you must send back your core ABS module (old unit) to qualify for the warranty. Once you qualify, the unit is covered for a free replacement for the life of the module. The only things not covered would be damage to the module caused by flood, fire, or collision. If the module ever fails, simply send it back to us for a free replacement. It's that simple! Never pay for another ABS module again!