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Mercer Corvette

1997-2000 Corvette EBCM- Electronic Brake Control Module Assembly- "V" Code

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Fits ALL 1997- 2000 Corvettes *With* Active Handling. Must have letter "V" on Existing Module.

Used, low mile Part Guaranteed To Work Like New- Includes a 1 Year Warranty.

This is a used, low mile EBCM ABS module that will fit any 1997-2000 Corvette *with* active handling. If you don't know if your car has active handling, take a look at your old abs module. It should have a "V" digit on the sticker on top of it. If it has an "M" instead, then you will need to purchase a module for non-active handling cars, which we also carry. Please verify which module you need before ordering, if your car is a 1997-2000.

* Low Stock, order now!

Customer Reviews

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Ross Anderson
Trusted supplier

Had been looking for a V code for my 2000 FRC for 12 years. A few on eBay etc...but none with warranty. Saw my part on Mercer site with 1 year warranty. Took the chance, had it put in last week and it made my Vette whole again. Thanks guys at Mercer!

Greg Hirsch

Fast shipping on hard to find part, nice to have a warranty with it.

Rebuilt Better Than New

Our modules start as an original, factory GM EBCM. We then upgrade the internals, fortify all known failure points, and implement our proprietary rebuild process to ensure the module WILL NEVER fail again. If you just buy new or used, the module is a ticking time bomb that will absolutely fail at any given moment. Get the confidence of a Mercer rebuilt unit with a lifetime warranty.